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  • Through type shelfThrough type shelf
  • Through type shelfThrough type shelf
  • The cantilever shelfThe cantilever shelf
  • Pumped storagePumped storage
  • Pumped storagePumped storage
  • A car4SStore special frameA car4SStore special frame
  • Light duty shelfLight duty shelf
  • Medium shelvingMedium shelving
  • Weight shelvingWeight shelving
  • Loft-style shelvesLoft-style shelves
  • Fluent type shelfFluent type shelf
  • Pallet racking Pallet racking
  • The mould frame The mould frame
  • Light duty shelfLight duty shelf
  • Narrow roadway shelvesNarrow roadway shelves

Choose Select Shengliang plasticprices for better qualityShengLiang shelf to create more value for you

How ShengLiangDo it with high quality priceHigh quality and excellent price

Uninterrupted production throughout the year,Management production costs have an advantageRelatively remote(In the northeast、Inner Mongolia, etc)Due to climate reasons only six months a year in the production of the status quo,ShengLiang shelf one year of continuous uninterrupted production,So the management、Financial and cost advantage is obvious。

With transportation hub,Luck Lose cost advantage is obviousShengLiang is located in the northern coastal area,Relying on the understanding to the simple convenient traffic of the whole country,800KMThe distance contains more than a dozen provinces,Lower logistics costs,Transportation cost advantage is obvious。

Variety Complete specification Appropriate outfit Comprehensive cost advantage is obviousSuit,So a relatively comprehensive cost advantage obvious ShengLiang shelves product variety、Complete specifications,Appropriate

3The big part5Great quality servicesThree major aspects of five major goldserviceShengLiang shelves star cooperation experience for you

Let the work efficiencyGet twice the result with half the effort

Quality assuranceQuality AssuranceY

Shandong ShengLiang storage logistics equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is a industry has engaged in the storage logistics equipment production and sales of high-tech enterprises。

Speed is fastFast speed

As long as you a phone call or message,Our customer service staff will contact you the first time。Hotline:18866806680 、0531-68789898

Modern productionModernization production

Shandong ShengLiang storage logistics equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Is the production design and production、The installation、Sales and service as one of the modern enterprise。

Perfect after-sale let you have no trouble back at homePerfect customer service allows you to worry about

No matter in the warranty period or outside the warranty period,Once the products such as fault occurs,No matter what the reason and responsibility,To solve the problem to ensure the normal use for the principle,When necessary to send to the site tracking service,Ensure timely operation。

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About ShengLiang

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About ShengLiang

Shandong ShengLiang storage logistics equipment manufacturing co., LTD

Shandong ShengLiang storage logistics equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Has the warehouse planning、Profile rolling、Production test、Surface inspection、The surface coating、Installation and debugging、After-sales service all-round one-stop services such as comprehensive ability,Is the trade of storage shelves logistics system design、Development,Stereoscopic warehouse planning、Design,Production and installation for the integration of manufacturing enterprises。The company since its establishment,With the customer、Employees、Society as well as good communication of investors,Company to keep pace with The Times,Stick to it“Integrity win-win、Solidarity and collaboration、Wuxi、First-class”The spirit of enterprise。

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The advantages of shandong cantilever racking and indicators
Cantilever racking and barrier hose protection measures,To avoid collision friction caused the goods appeared in the process of aluminum in access scratched phenomenon。Shelf plant equipped with professionalWMSWarehouse management system...
Warehouse storage shelves design elements
Warehouse storage shelves is generally applied to industry,More focuses on upward development,Make full use of storage space,Maximum height can be achieved40Meters above,Large logistics center can be designed...
The elements of affecting the service life of storage shelves use
The found of the elements affecting the service life of storage shelves use,Seek new ways to extend the storage life,By more and more researchers pay attention to。A normal condition,Through the different...
The choose and buy of racking system process
A、The choose and buy of racking system process   The choose and buy of racking system first including process:The buyer begged warehouse shelves system is put forward——Supplier selection scheme options——Plan and comments...
Pumped storage application in flat library storage
Warehouse management rely on artificial,Error rate is higher,Delivery is given priority to with manual hydraulic car manual operation,Big workload,Efficiency is low。For in the effective space of the finished cigarette storage...
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